Steam Car wash and recond

BeeTeam performs car care and washing with environmentally smart products and equipment. Hand washing with steam and reconditioning to keep your car in new condition, through our stations and mobile services, we offer you the best service.


Products for a better environment

BeeTeam has modern products for homes and offices that can contribute to a fresh, sustainable and pleasant environment. Our products are selected according to our own requirements and values about the environment.


Sweden 2030

We want to be one of the players that helps Sweden achieve the sustainable development goals by offering services and products that have a reduced climate impact compared to the most common alternatives on the market.

About Beeteam

BeeTeam was founded with a goal of making a positive difference to the environment and creating sustainability in everyday life for individuals as well as companies. We have a vision to contribute to achieving a sustainable world where human, social, economic, and natural pillars are strong. Our business originates in Växjö, which by 2018 was named Europe's greenest city.

EKO Car Care

First-class Laundry and Car Care services

We offer several different services to suit all possible needs and wishes for washing, cleaning, and maintenance of your car.

Hel rekond
  • Premie
  • Engine wash
  • Seat cleaning
  • Tire polishing
  • Machine polishing + Wax
  • SONAX AC cleaning
Seat cleaning

Cleaning of seats with the help of steam / hot foam which includes e.g. a:

  • Disinfection
  • Removal of bacteria and bad odor (eg from spilled dairy products)
  • Flushing of small particles from edges and corners such as dead bacteria from food / beverage spills

Give your car the laundry it deserves, get a dirt-free and durable exterior. We wash steam with care and precision.

  • Hand wash with steam
  • Washing of tires and rims
  • Washing windows outside
  • Drying
Engine wash

Cleaning the heart of the car

  • Degreasing
  • Rinsing
  • Cleaning
  • Drying

The complete cleaning that every car deserves

  • External hand wash with steam + fast wax
  • Washing of tires and rims
  • Drying
  • Washing of mirrors, windows, inside and out
  • Steam washing of rubber mats or vacuuming of summer mats
  • Vacuuming inside, upholstery, seat and luggage compartment
  • Cleaning the instrument panel and center console
In Your Place

Your comfortable choice

We offer service at your place for most of our car services. With our mobile devices, we can come and do the work with you at the right time, all while you do something else. We perform car washing, reconditioning, seat cleaning and engine washing. For more information on how to book, follow the link below.

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